Automotive coating is all about quality finishes that bring out the best in any surface. We at High Performance Coating know best as the company is helmed by a team of professionals with years of hands-on experience in the industry. It is with this combined expertise that we are now specialists in the field of automotive refinishes and paint manufacturing; offering comprehensive colour solutions and systems. From research and identification right up to manufacturing, our products adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety.


    HIPIC Universal Tints offer one of the most comprehensive colour mixes and matches available. With over tints including aluminium, pearl, crystal, pearl and special effect colours; you'll be amazed at the variety and quality of colour choices. Our information tinting guide and digital Colour Retrieval system provides fast and accurate matches at your finger tips.

  • L200 Basecoat

    This one component acrylic basecoat lacquer offers fast-dry characteristics and provides excellent gloss and depth of colour. Exceptionally easy to apply with minimal wastage, the L200 is used in clear over base systems for solid, metallic and pearl colours.

  • 2000 Clearcoat

    Based on acrylic polyurethane copolymer resin technology, the 2000 is a 2-component fast dry clearcoat specially designed for high performance automotive coatings. Used in clear over base systems, the 2000 also provided excellent polishability.

  • 6006 Primer

    The 6006 is a 2-component high solid primer based on acrylic copolymer resin technology specially designed for high performance automotive refinishing.

    6006 Hipic 2K HS Primer
    6001 Hipic 2K HS Activator
    8008 Hipic 2K Reducer - Fast
    8118 Hipic 2K Reducer - Standard
    8998 Hipic 2k Reducer - Slow

  • 7007 Cleaning Process

    High quality mixture of solvent with composition based on aliphatic hidrocarbon technology, specially designed for cleaning and degreasing before application of bodyfiller,or primer or topcoats.

    7007 Degreaser / Wiping solvent
  • 8008 / 8118 / 8998 Thinner / Reducer

    2K Multipurpuse solvent mixture develop as a reducer for automotive coating application.

    8008 Hipic 2K Reducer - Fast
    8118 Hipic 2K Reducer - Standard
    8998 Hipic 2k Reducer - Slow

  • 3003 Body Filler

    2-Komponent universal light grey finishing body filler based on Unsaturated Polyester resin of orthophthalic, with CHPO as its catalyst. Specially formulated repairing putty for metal and plastic part in automotive refinish.

    3003 Hipic Universal Polyester putty
    3001 Hipic Peroxide Hardener
  • M-075 Matting Agent

    Matting Agent or Flattening base to be used in 2K solid colos and 2K Clearcaot with approprate activation.

    M-075 Hipic Matting Agent
  • PN:2255 PN:3355 PN:6655 Polishing Compound & Glaze

    PN:2255 - Specially designed high-cutting compound for removing 1200 and 1500 color sanding scratches. It produces minimal swirl mark while buffing to a gloss whether you use wool or foam pad.
    PN:3355 - Uniquely formulated to remove compound swirl marks quickly whether you use a foam pads. It produces a high-gloss, swirl-free finish quickly and effortlessly. This product is a non-wax, non-silicone glaze.